This high quality conference will offer professional learning focused on school safety, bullying prevention, emergency and crisis response, and other relevant topics. Hear state and national experts present the latest research and trends in school safety, youth violence prevention, evidence-based program models, and more.

The conference is a professional learning opportunity for school administrators, student support personnel, teachers, school nurses, SAP team members, mental health professionals, school resource officers, local law enforcement, and other community partners.

Keynote Speaker Dre Ceja

Director of Training and Education, LGBT Center, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Dre Ceja is a Chicano, queer, transgender and non-binary speaker, facilitator, consultant and trainer. Dre is passionate about helping others create more inclusive spaces where everyone can thrive and feel belonging.

Wednesday, Dec. 8 | Supporting LGBTQ+ Students
Trevor Project and governmental agencies like the CDC have conducted excellent research on the unique experiences and needs of LGBTQ+ students. This research would serve as a foundation for the keynote and as a way to emphasize the urgency of LGBTQ+ inclusion in schools.

Leah Galkowski Guest on
The Behavioral Corner

On Oct. 19, 2021, Safe Schools Coordinator Leah Galkowski was the guest on The Behavioral Corner to discuss anti-bullying strategies in recognition of Bullying Prevention Month. Leah reinforced everyone’s role in preventing bullying and creating safe school environments.

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